Why Do Cat's Not Alway's Use The Litter Box: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Do Cat's Not Alway's Use The Litter Box: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Do Cat's Not Always Use The Litter Box? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Many cat owners might not be aware of why their cats potty outside of their litter box. This can be very frustrating and getting to the WHY, is the key top solving the problem. 

Some cat owners simply believe they not changing the litter frequent enough, and that maybe true and some more training maybe necessary with positive reinforcement maybe required for new positive habits.

However, there can be other issues your cat maybe dealing with that you may not be aware of as to why your cat is not behaving normally. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock can offer a few reasons why your cat may not always use the litter box: 

  • Sickness: Like people, cats can also get sick and suffer from virus and bacterial problems that can cause them to not be able to control things. You can schedule an appointment with your Castle Rock vet, to find out whether your cat is sick with a virus or a urine infection. In some cases your cat may just need some medication and rest and we know your cat doesn't mind a nap. 


  • Bad Habits: If you happened to adopt an older cat, bad habits maybe why and one of them is not using the litter box and they may not be use to the location. If you’ve vet has ruled out sickness as a possibility this might be the reason your cat doesn’t use their litter box, they're in a new environment and the location may take getting use to for them. 


  • Disease:  Senior cats may have a hard time walking fast and they also may have bladder problems not having the ability to get to the litter box in time and have an accident on your carpet instead. Putting the litter box close to where they sleep and eat may help. 

This is where TLC Carpet Care can step in if your cat having accidents on the carpets. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock can remove the stains and the odor that comes along with it. 


If you would like additional info on: Why do Cat's not always use the litter box visit us at tlccarpetcare.net or call us to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment  at 720-314-0178 


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