Which Carpet Cleans Well With Cats: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Which Carpet Cleans Well With Cats: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Which Carpet Cleans Well With Cats: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

If you are looking to buy new carpets and you have a cat you may want to consider which carpets care best for cats and why. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co recommends a very thick and twisted woven fiber with darker dye like brown hides soils and cat stains. A high end woven carpet keeps soils and hair on the surface of the carpet pile allowing vacuuming to be more productive.

Thinking about it, you buy a light colored carpet any vomit, urine or stool stains will be incredibly noticeable, and for any stain for that matter, however a carpet with darker dyes are the best when it comes to hiding stains, thus less noticeable. Even red wine and coffee stains are more less likely to be seen. See consumers go shopping for carpets and they see these beautiful light colored carpets for sale but they don't stop tp think what is the most practical for spotting and stains. Think about it, do you really want to be entertaining guest with a light colored carpet showing all kinds of nasty deposits.

Another thing to consider is a carpets with a design are great a tricking the eye away from stains. Designer carpets help you your eyes from eating attention to particular shapes from obvious stains and thus helps with over all appearance. This high end carpets are more expensive but may prove tp be worth it end the end. 

Now another thing to consider is Polyester Carpets. Polyester carpets have a very short pile which makes it easier to clean than a thick Nylon carpets. Which make polyester easier to clean and extract bacteria. 

Now lets talk about what carpet you should never buy if you have cats. Stay away from Wool. Wool carpets are very beautiful bit when it comes to cleaning pet stains, you need specific carpet cleaning chemicals to remove them and these are the very chemicals you should never use on wool. Bottom line Wool carpets and cats don't make good bed fellows. 

There is a catch!! having a carpet that can help hide stains means it can fool you into thinking there cleaner than they really are so our advice at TLC Carpet Care is to make sure that you still have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year if you have cats. In the end of the day certain carpet can help conceal stains but they won't be able to conceal odors. So don't let your carpets fool you. 

If you would like more info on: which carpet cleans well with cats visit us at tlccarpetcare.net and to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment call us at 720-314.0178. Carpet Cleaning Services In Castle Rock Co. 


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