\\The History Of Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

\The History Of Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The History Of CARPETs

 Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co   


The History Of Carpets

The word carpet comes from in the Latin word carpere, which signifies “to pluck.” The origin was probably mainly because carpets then have been produced from unravelled plucked fabric. Incidentally, carpe diem also shares the same root word with carpets, and it literally means “to pluck/seize the day.”

 New manufacturing processes for dyeing carpets started a half century ago,, when synthetic  fibers had been created for into the marketplace. It was only then that carpet retailers  discovered a method to mass generate high-quality, sturdy and a more profitable carpet.

 The very first vacuums cleaners invented inside the early 20th century were electrical powered, big machines that have been operated by multiple people. Castle Rock homeowners had been not convinced that they required such a bulky machine didn’t believe that their carpets could hold that much soil.

Fine Carpet trimmings, backing and hand woven yarn are not damaged after carpet manufacturing. These can still be processed to develop into furnishings battings, carpet cushion or reinforcing in the latex backing. 

In the 18th century area rugs were either beaten more with a  windowsill to get rid of hidden dirt and pollens. Other people sprinkled tea leaves on their area rugs  to bring out  the surface dirt and make it easier to clean. 

 The oldest reference to a ‘red carpet’ was produced by Aeschylus in Agamemnon

Carpets do definitely add warmth to a room during the Colorado winter and It acts as a sort of insulator that is warmer to walk on.

The biggest exporter of hand-made carpets is in the Middle East. It is actually home to some of the finest and most beautiful hand-woven Oriental Rugs in the world. 

The original carpet in the world  dates back centuries years ago. It is known as the Pazyryk carpet and was identified in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia.

In the Middle Ages, hardwoods were covered with rushes, which were like replaceable rugs that were disposed of when they got dirty. Carpets today are made to last are valued not just for their beauty and practicality but also for the use of their life.

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