TLC Carpet Care Is Your Carpet Cleaning Experts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care Is Your Carpet Cleaning Experts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care Is Your Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



Your carpets and area rugs can hold up to six pounds of soil and dirt, therefore vacuuming on a regular basis may make the rug look clean but the majority of the dirt is still hiding where you can't see, in the backing of the carpet. We amazing carpet cleaning chemicals and the latest techniques with portable and in-shop  pools that gives your carpet and rugs the most thorough cleaning available. All your rugs will receive a five-Star treatment at our carpet cleaning pool. 


When you choose TLC Carpet Care it’s like sending your carpets to a spa! That’s because we utilize a carpet cleaning pool and highly specialized equipment that delivers the very best cleaning results without toxic chemicals or power scrubbers that frey and damage the carpets fibers. Our area rug cleaning process is the most thorough process offered in Castle Rock Co. It includes pre-vacuuming that gently removes dirt, sand and dry soil to increase the longevity of your rugs. Submersion in TLC Carpet Care Spa Pool Washing removes even dyes, wine, coffee just about anything that gets saturated in the backing. You’ll be absolutely thrilled that pet odors are completely gone. Fringe bleaching and grooming enhance the area rug’s appearance. Send your rugs to a TLC Carpet Care spa, so you can spend time at your spa. 

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