The Results With TLC Carpet Care: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Results With TLC Carpet Care: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Calling TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO office is easy. You will always get a one of the owners at TLC Carpet Care  to help you schedule an appointment an answer all of your questions and concerns about carpet cleaning. They will help  you on what times are available on when you can schedule carpet cleaning to your convenience.  Before your carpet cleaning appointment, you will receive a courtesy call from our carpet cleaning technician, letting you know we are on our way to your Castle Rock home or especially in the rare event we maybe running a little bit behind schedule.

Approximately 72 hours after cleaning, one of our owners will call or text you to ask how your carpet cleaning appoint went and if everything is to your satisfaction. If you have any questions about any spots or any areas that may not have cleaned well or that maybe permanently stained we will return to touch up any spot and to make sure that it can be removed in case it's not a permanent stain.

Carpets are recommended not to walk on after they have been cleaned, You want to make sure that nothing is re-soiled during the drying process and you don't want to walk on the carpets and flatten then down and take longer to dry.  Because of our ProChem truck-mount technology, no steam penetrates through the backing of the carpet. Our carpet cleaning method has a much faster and on average dries in about 6-8 hours, but in some cases it could take longer if your carpet was extremely soiled and required extra cleaning. Also thicker Nylon's or shag carpeting could take a bit longer. We ask you to keep kids and pets off the carpets during the dry time as well until the carpets are completely dry. 

If you would like to know more on: What to expect with TLC Carpet Care visit our website at or call us at 720-314-0178

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