Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 Should I have My carpets cleaned? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care a professional carpet cleaning company located in castle Rock Co recommend thats your carpets are professionally cleaned by one of our certified carpet cleaning technicians every 12 months. Carpets should be cleaned on a annual basis and before they become heavily soiled with contaminants. Allowing dirt and contaminants to build up will cause premature oxidation and significantly reduce the life of a carpet.

Vacuuming once in a while is just not enough to get everything out of your carpets, all carpets should be steam cleaned at least every six to twelve months. This can extend the life expectancy of your carpet and padding.  A thorough deep cleaning will not only make your carpets look beautiful again it will leave it smelling fresh and clean, it can also reduce wear in the carpet fibers and thus extends its life. Your carpet can hide as much as one pound of dirt per square foot.

Carpets are damaged more so by what is hidden by what you cannot see rather than what is obvious. Vacuuming alone only cleans the surface layer of dirt and soil. The deep down dirt is abrasive and will wear away any stain-resistance and cuts at carpet fibers like a knife when they are walked on or in those areas of high use, particularly where children play. High-traffic area in your halls and stairs, as you are probably know, will wear and tear over time because of the fiber abrasion. If not proper cleaned, this can eventually lead to fiber loss. Having your carpet professionally by TLC Carpet Care cleaned can extend the life of your carpet.

For most carpet fibers, the best carpet cleaning comes from a IICRC certified carpet cleaning company and, safe and non-toxic carpet cleaning chemicals instead of harsh toxic chemicals. It is the steam cleaning method recommended by most major carpet manufacturers and used by professional carpet cleaning services like TLC Carpet Care. Continued, annual steam cleaning not only removes allergens, dirt, and grime but can add years of life to your carpet by removing the abrasive dirt and sand that cuts carpet fibers. Common household vacuum cleaners don't clean as deep as professional carpet cleaners can, even household vacuum cleaners won’t clean as deep as we can. We use our own truck mounted carpet cleaning machines as well as our own water supply to provide the deepest clean for your carpet fibers.

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