Safe Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Safe Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Safe Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

In today's social climate the demand for safe carpet cleaning solutions is becoming more and more common. Carpet cleaning companies using toxic carpet cleaning chemicals is more of a problem that what we know, and some of these chemicals are so toxic they could trigger many health problems, not just for the customer, but even more for the carpet cleaning technicians who are exposed to using them on a daily basis.  Alarmingly, some of these carpet cleaning chemicals that are being used in Colorado are now banned in more health conscience states such as California. 

Some of the toxic chemicals can be found in carpet cleaning chemicals called Traffic Lane Cleaners. These are chemicals used to pre-spray the carpets to break up soils. These traffic cleaners have chemicals that are harmful to breath. Other chemicals like Red Relief used to remove red dye from carpets is also extremely toxic and are harmful to breath as well. Carpet cleaning companies are not the only problem. You can find toxic chemicals in our everyday cleaning products that you may find in your home. You would be surprised how many solvents are being used in a variety of cleaning chemicals. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock recognizes these toxic chemicals and is committed to providing a healthier organic approach to professional carpet cleaning. We believe that your health and safety and the well-being of our own employees should always be a high priority.

At TLC Carpet Care we use Safe Carpet Cleaning Solutions to clean carpets, upholstery and area rugs. Our enzyme based organic solutions are proven safe for carpets and for humans including your pets. We at TLC Carpet Care believe in clean and a healthy environment. 

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