How To DIY Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

How To DIY Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

How to DIY clean your carpet: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock 

It happens spots and stains seem to come out of nowhere and you can't always afford to call a professional carpet cleaning company. So TLC Carpet Care will share some things you can do in between carpet cleanings. One constant processes usually involve using house hold vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, and other debris that is loosely found in the carpet. vacuuming at the very least once a week will avoid the accumulation of these materials that can carry both pathogens and feed for bacteria residing in the carpet. Nevertheless, carpets also suffer from constant spilling wether it be food and beverages or a number of any other things. Be sure to clean your filter regularly. 

In the case of cleaning up spills, the use of steam cleaning portables are recommended by TLC Carpet Care. These portable carpet cleaning machines spray down of hot steam into the carpet, cleaning and rinsing the spills from the fibers, followed by extracting everything thru the vac hose back to the machine. This type of machine and cleaning process can be used on any carpet. The carpet cleaning portables are available for rent by TLC Carpet Care.  Although relatively simple, clean steaming your carpet can cause bodily injury to your back if proper living and technique is not used. Be sure to watch how to use carpet cleaning portables on our website at These machines also require the use of a traffic cleaner to pre-spray the carpets before the steam cleaning process. The products can be sold by TLC Carpet Care.

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