Rug Cleaning Process In Castle Rock Co

Rug Cleaning Process In Castle Rock Co



TLC Carpet Care's rug cleaning service in Castle Rock Co has taken a high standard approach to rug cleaning. The first priority is to identify the type of fiber we're cleaning and the poper cleaning product for your rug,  The cleaning process and tool must be considered by the soiling level and the age of the rug and what the rug is made of. The equipment and products used depend on the recommendations of the rug manufacture. .

Area rugs are made up of natural and synthetic fibers that may react differently towards the ph level of the products. The last thing we want is for the fabric to shrink or bleed, or for fibers to become stiff rather than soft and plush. TLC Carpet Care's rug cleaning technicians will provide residue-free cleaning that means your rug will not attract more dirt, and there are no chemical residue that could be toxic for your family and pets. 

Highly soiled rugs can also cause damage to the fibers by wearing  then down. Simply vacuuming the rug and proving a professional carpet cleaning once a year  will help keep your rugs looking great. With TLC Carpet Care you will have two generations of carpet cleaning experience at your service, 

Call TLC Carpet Care at 720-314-0178 for your personal estimate on site. When it comes to rug cleaning, TLC Carpet Care ensures that your carpets are clean and serve you well for a long time.

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