Our Carpet Cleaning Procedures: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedures: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedures: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


When TLC Carpet Care technicians arrive at your home, they will set up and prepare to clean your rugs using our high tech truck mounted steam carpet cleaning equipment. To protect you rugs, we use carpet cleaning equipment like corner guards to protect the corners of your walls.

Recommendations: Pre-Treating Traffic Areas and Spots / Moving Furniture

You can get maximum and quicker results with TLC Carpet Care if your carpets are already properly vacuumed before our technicians arrive and any furniture you have moved previous to the cleaning. Although our carpet cleaning technicians can help, it is time saving and greatly appreciated what can be done in advance. TLC carpet Care wants you to get the most out our carpet cleaning service to your convenience.

  1. Spot Treatment / Pre Spray:

TLC Carpet Care begins our carpet cleaning process by using a hydroforce  pre-spray on all traffic areas and the spots and stains, these are usually spots with the most wear and will show by being the most soiled areas on the carpet. We want the best for you are your carpet. If you have pet and odor stains, you will be notified by our technician and offered any optional Pet solutions package to help in dealing with bacteria. 

  1. Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning business uses the carpet cleaning industries most professional truck mounted steam cleaning technology to clean your carpets. Our powerful steam cleaning will further eliminate all soils and dirt and bacteria left after the pre-spray treatment and thoroughly cleaning your carpet.

  1. Dry Time

After the cleaning, your carpets are left to dry and should dry within 8 to 10 hours. When your carpets are cleaned by TLC Carpet Care, you will be able to tell a huge difference between before and after pictures that our carpet cleaning technicians will take for you.


For additional info on Our carpet Cleaning Procedures visit our website at tlccarpetcare.net and you can call our office 720-314-0178