Well were now in the dead of winter and we all know what that means, snow, snow and then some more snow. Along with snow comes a ugly by product. MUD!!  As most of you who own dogs know, that when they come in from outside, it's not like they can take of their shoes. There paws can just tracking in snow / mud and it can make a mess really quick and can wreak havoc on your clean carpets with all that mud. 

TLC Carpet Care a professional carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock Co will share some suggestions  on what you can do to get mud out of your carpets. 

1) PREVENTION. That's right, it's as simple as it sounds for all the members of the family. For goodness sake and your carpets sake take off those shoes at the door. You can't track in what's not on your feet.

2) Dogs are just like us. They can get cold while outside. Yes they run jump around and play in the snow but they eventually they will get cold. Ever notice sometimes when they come in they tend to run inside?? Well that's were you come in. Make sure before they run all over the carpet that you have a towel ready to wipe down their paws and there coat.

3)  Ok so in the event that someone one does track in muddy foot prints or paw prints what should you do?  Don't clean your carpets. You heard me right. Don't clean your carpets!!! Don’t even think about it. Dirt is so much easier to remove when it’s dry. When your carpets are muddy and you reach for that scrub brush two things will happen. First you'll will be spreading the mud making it worse. The mud will go deeper into the backing of the carpet and you will also make it spread in a wider circumference. As much as it may pain you in this situation letting it dry is the best thing you can do. 

Ok so now that the carpets are completely dry grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuum slowly,  once in one direction and then once in another. Do this multiple times and be patient. It will start to come out. Next grab a towel and make yourself some solution with vinegar and water 50/50 ratio and put it in a spray bottle. Do not over spray too much but just enough to get the surface wet.  Let it dwell for a few minutes then gently blot the area until remain soil is removed. Once dry then vacuum again. Repeat process if necessary.  

One thing to never do is use those carpet cleaning spotters that you can get in the store. I assure you, you will make things worse for you and your carpets. 

Side note: throughly clean the bottom your vacuum cleaner. Yes unplug it first!! Cleaning your vacuum cleaner so not get any other areas of the carpets soiled. 

There maybe occasions where thud mud is to concentrated with nitrogen and may prove to difficult for you to remove. In that case pick up the phone and call a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. We are the experts at MUD REMOVAL. 

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