How Soiled Are Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Soiled Are Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Soiled Are Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


A carpet that is not cleaned regularly may be filled with soil, even if it appears to be clean. Sometimes carpets can gradually become more brown and you won't even notice. This is because soils can settle in the carpet gradually with out you even noticing it.  At TLC Carpet Care we clean carpets all the time and hear the customers respond by saying i forgot my carpet was that color.

If you own a dog, it is inevitable that your dog will track in everything he gets on his paws. Also carpet will also collect their pet hair especially if you have a breed that sheds a lot. An some dogs pet dander can contribute to allergies. Human hairs tend to break and fall on the carpet too, particularly while brushing.


If you have kids food and drinks stains can be found in just about any room in the house. You can try to clean a stain with a spot remover, but that never gets rid of the stain entirely. Children also tend to drop play dough and gum in the carpet fibers, which can then get stuck to the shoes when walking on them, and then it becomes next to impossible to remove something that adhesive. 

Chemicals, oil deposits, paint, pollutants, and other debris can also settle in carpets and be a challenge to remove. If your struggling to remove stain in your carpets call the carpet cleaning professionals at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co.

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