How Much Time Does It Take For Carpets To Dry: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Much Time Does It Take For Carpets To Dry: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



So you just had your carpets professionally cleaned by TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock. They look really good and the technician did a great job, but now he’s telling you that you stay off the carpets for a while until the carpet dries. How long will that take?

You’ve got the dog in the back yard, the cat’s is in his crate and she’s starting to express her displeasure loudly. Meanwhile, the kids are at their friends house and wanting to come home.

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. With any carpet cleaning process service, you’re at the mercy of the weather. Sure, the carpets will dry pretty much quicker on warm days but it also depends on humidity levels, so that will require you opening all the doors and windows, and turn on some fans. 

If it’s rainy outside, the humidity will be even higher. That's were turning on your ac will act like a dehumidifier.

On the other hand, some carpet cleaning companies can rent you commercial air movers. These fans aren’t your normal hours fans that you buy at Target, but are much more powerful and are able to dry your carpets quicker.  

Having truck mount technology like TLC Carpet Care will provide much better extraction and that plays a major role in dry time. Also the levels of soiling plays a factor in how much they need to clean and how wet it gets.  

Another factor is the type of carpet. Thin polyester will clean dry much quicker than a shag or thicker nylon.  

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