How It Works Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How It Works Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How It Works Carpet Cleaning In Castle Rock Co

How it Works

First, TLC Carpet Care will vacuum the carpeting to remove all dirt, soils and loose debris. Our carpet celling technicians will move any furniture that you request as long as its not to heavy or breakable, to ensure a thorough cleaning wall to wall. Then, we pre-treat every square foot fir all spots and stains before applying the rinsing solution and using a high-powered truck mount machine to steam your carpets, working through your Castle Rock home one room at a time.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technology

Here at TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock Co, we use the most-advanced truck mount technology and carpet cleaning chemicals and tools to properly clean your carpet and remove any dirt, stains and odors. We understand that our residential customers don’t have time to wait for days for their carpets to dry, which is why we use the latest quick-drying methods and commercial air fans movers after steaming your carpets.

With TLC Carpet Care If you have any carpet cleaning questions, we are ready to address all your questions and concerns. We will pre-treat and, condition, and offer spot removal chemicals so that your carpet looks as good as it did when you first moved in,  Our steam extraction process is done by highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians. Our certified technicians know what type of cleaning chemical and Dupont Teflon products should be used on every carpet and fabric.We will properly clean as little as one room of carpet or an entire house. TLC carpet Care understands the importance and value of having clean and deodorize carpets to help your Castle Rock home look its cleanest.

For more info on: How It Works Carpet Cleaning,  visit our website at or call us at 720-314-0178 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment. Carpet Cleaners in Castle Rock Co.

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