What To Do Before & After Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

What To Do Before & After Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

What To Do Before & After Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Before carpet cleaning

Prior to TLC Carpet Care's arrival, be sure to vacuum your carpets wall to wall. This will extract up any hidden soils and pets hair and make it easier for the carpets to stay cleaner after the cleaning. TLC Carpet Care can vac if you can't.

Additionally, remove breakables to ensure that your belongings are safe:

  • Remove any small pieces of furniture from the carpet area
  • Put away pictures that run the risk of falling down
  • Move any furniture that covers up any hidden stains
  • Be sure to point out any problem spots or stains that may need special attention.

Carpet cleaning products

Castle Rock carpet cleaning companies use several different types of carpet cleaning products. Typically, they use an alkaline pre-spray to clean carpets by breaking down soils and other debris. Additionally, they can mix in an acidic solution, such as an like TLC's Fabset to balance out the pH in the carpet. Next, they rinse the carpet with a wand  to extract the dirty water.

Some carpet cleaning companies offer green cleaning products for those allergic to detergents or who prefer chemical-free solutions. Be sure to request before your appointment to ensure that the company provides this option.

Carpet cleaning process

To begin TLC Carpet Care uses a steam cleaning process, carpet cleaners typically combine an carpet cleaning enzymes with steaming hot water over 200 degrees and then apply the enzymes to the carpet. Our carpet cleaning techs will use a cleaning wand, normally attached to the vac and solution line, to steam and extract the solution back into the machine. A rinsing solution follows that helps neutralize the carpets and balances the pH of the carpet to 7.5.

Expect the cleaning process to take at least one to hours for normal size Castle Rock home. Larger homes In the Village usually take longer.

On average, carpets take 8 to 12 hours to dry completely after a steam cleaning. Weather conditions like temperature, humidity can affect those dry times.  For quicker dry times ventilate your rooms by opening windows or running a ceiling fan. Try to to walk on the carpets immediately after a cleaning. 

Post Carpet Cleaning 

After your carpets are cleaned, regularly vacuum twice a week and use mats or small runners in front of doors to keep your carpet clean.  Avoid carpet powders they can give your carpet a pleasant smell, it will attract more dirt and dust easily and is extremely difficult to remove from carpet fibers.

For more info on What To Do Before & After Carpet Cleaning visit our website at tlccarpetcare.net or call us at 720-314-0178

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