Do Carpets Re-Soil Quicker After Steam Cleaning ? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Do Carpets Re-Soil Quicker After Steam Cleaning ? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Do Carpets Re-Soil Quicker After Steam Cleaning? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


The answer is simply no. This is a generational rumor that did have some validity 30 years ago. In the 1980's carpet cleaning companies used an old carpet cleaning process called Shampooing. People today still call and ask if they can get their carpets Shampooed, not knowing that the carpet cleaning industry did away from shampooing decades ago. What would happen if you has your carpets shampooed back then is your carpet would get dirty quicker cause the shampoo was so concentrated it would leave a residue in the carpet that would attract more dirt. 

Today you still get companies who try to scare you into thinking that steam cleaning will leave a residue. This is completely false. This is just a marketing scare tactic to get you to use their carpet cleaning process. If your carpet cleaning process is so great you shouldn't have to tear down another company to build yourself up. 

Today’s steam cleaning companies use natural enzymes that break down soil without leaving any reside cause their cleaning process is neutral. TLC Carpet Care uses only hot steam and enzyme solutions. The end result is a clean carpet that will stay cleaner longer and be better able to withstand future soiling. An application of Dupont Teflon is also recommended after cleaning so your carpet will stay cleaner even longer.  So, Give TLC Carpet Care a call at 720-314-0178 and if you would like more info on: Do carpets re-soil quicker after steam cleaning visit us at

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