Concerned Your Carpets Really STINK!!! : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Concerned Your Carpets Really STINK!!! : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Concerned YOUR Capets Really Stink!!!

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Concerned your carpets really STINK ? Your guests may be too polite to tell you… Do you worry that your house smells like your dog Bongo?
Are you afraid that your invited guest will notice the hair, the stains, or the odor? Do you smell a bit of urine odor sometimes? Do you have just a small or perhaps multiple urine stains? Maybe you aren’t even sure but would like a carpet inspection by a carpet cleaning company. 
Pets leave behind a variety of unpleasant odors and smells causing things including dander that really seem to linger in your house. Pet hair and dander can cause severe odor problems and trigger allergies, and the oil from pet hair attracts dirt and can cause permanent damage to your carpet. At this time a professional carpet cleaning is necessary.
Do you have areas where your carpets look yellow? TLC Carpet Care lets us know even thou pet urine is an acidity it has an alkaline effect on your carpets which is why your carpet looks yellow. This is something can get set in permanently if you try cleaning it yourself and use the wrong carpet cleaning chemicals. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has over 20 years of experience cleaning and reversing the yellowing in such situations. Making cleaning pet stains and odors a thing of the past. 
Some of our customers thought they would have to dispose of the their carpet, and while your padding may need to be replaced the carpets very well can be saved. TLC Carpet Care technicians are TRAINED and EXPERIENCED in using our carpet cleaning protocols using our Pet Solutions Package. We have testing tools that you never even knew existed and go to lengths you couldn’t imagine to pinpoint the exact location of the ammonia gasses. The carpet cleaning industry has solutions and a process to thoroughly extract all the contamination, replace any carpet damage and bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Castle Rock home is fresh and clean. TLC Carpet Care will remove the odor, the hair, and the stain and repair the damage to save their carpets, also bleaching out subfloors. 
We can do the same for your Castle Rock family!
If your concerned your carpets really stink CALL US NOW at 720-314-0178 and visit us at for a Judgment Free Inspection. 

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