Cleaning Up Carpet Stains From Pets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Up Carpet Stains From Pets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Up Carpet Stains From Pets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Store-bought carpet cleaning spot removers for pet stain and odors removal generally don’t work because they don't penetrate deeply enough in carpets. Cleaning pet urine from carpet cleaning spotters can be a waste of time and money. Even when you think the stain is gone in a few hours the stain reappears because the scrubbing doesn’t penetrate into the carpet padding, and in fact makes the problem worse by forcing the urine further down into the carpet. To remove pet urine smell you have penetrate into the carpet without driving the problem deeper. 

Also your not correcting the ph level off the carpet. even thou urine is an acidic, as it dries it turns into an alkaline, thus the yellow stain never goes away, until you learn how to reverse the carpets PH level and you will need an acidic treatment to do that, and you won't find that in the stores. 

Eventually after many different carpet cleaning products and using different carpet cleaning chemicals you may find some may appear to work but they don't get rid of the odors. This is because the bacteria still remains, encouraging the growth and the spread of bacteria. Later when you vacuum the bacteria circulates into the air you breath. 

The solution is a deep cleaning with an environmentally friendly hot water extraction cleaning.

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