Carpet and Rug Pet Odor Remediation: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Carpet and Rug Pet Odor Remediation: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock


Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock  


Carpet and Rug Pet Odor Remediation: Castle Rock Co

Chronic pet urine odor would be pet odors that you've been dealing with for some time now, and they generally require a deep steam carpet cleaning remediation. An aggressive approach that not just cleans the carpet but also gets to the pad and sub-floor underneath.                    
Having high levels of bacteria are almost a certainty. Even though your carpets, padding and the subfloor underneath in chronic situations are almost always contaminated, pet odor remediation can sometimes be done without having to replacing the carpets, but you probably in most cases dispose of the padding. Understanding the your situation, is critical to making an informed decision toward the most proven and permanent remediation job.

Urine salt crystals, develop in the backing of the carpets as urine dries on top and thru your padding and on the sub-floor. These crystals are not easily removed by steam cleaning or chemicals alone, but do dissolve when you apply acidic applications that dissolve them.
TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning techs use this process to dissolve urine salts in acid by applying via water claw a certain amount of an acidic solution through your carpet and pad in the first step of remediation.

  1. Once the carpet, pad, and subfloor have been cleaned with the water claw…TLC Carpet Care applies enzymes as the next step of the remediation process.
  2. This process of removing removal of the salts not liquefied by the acid rinse is accomplished.
  3. In the second stage  enzymes are applied throughout your carpets to digest any remaining residues 

Once both processes of flooding and extracting procedure with the water has been done, your carpet will be cleaned by a final steam cleaning. This will remove all the surface bacteria and enzymes from the carpets, so the last thing  to do is step is to use a carpet rake to distribute them evenly over the your carpets.

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