You Should Clean Your Carpets Now: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

You Should Clean Your Carpets Now: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets Now: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet manufactures like Shaw Industries suggest annual carpet cleaning. Not only will the carpet look good but will be healthier for your family as well,  but with the spots, stains, and bacteria and pollens and grit taken out, your carpet it will last longer than it should. New Castle Rock residential cleaning strategies are environmentally friendly and make for a healthier in door environment.

Carpets collect allergens dust mites, allergens, dirt, and bacteria. Over  months, the quality of air inside your house will be compromised if a carpet isn't properly cleaned. The new green cleaning process actually encapsulates these home irritants  and removes them from the carpet leaving behind a healthy air quality.

As time passes, the kids and pets and muddy shoes will start to breakdown the individual fibers within the carpets backing. Annual carpet cleaning prevents this oxidation before it happens. When your carpet starts to show of premature wear, the damage has already done. Simply by having a carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock clean before soiling has time to build up, you could have clean, damage free carpeting for the life of your carpets.

The importance of regular vacuuming between cleanings cannot be overstated. All carpeted traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a  week. High traffic areas must be done more frequently. It will prevent the buildup of soil and dirt that will damage fibers.

The moment carpet is thick, it is best to vacuum little by little and also to make directional passes. It requires time to extract the ground-in dust and soils. Make use of overlapping strokes in heavy traffic areas in halls and Family rooms. Baking soda can be used within the vacuum bag will help to prevent smells.

After your carpet is professionally cleaned by TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co, Dupont Teflon should be used. It will protect the fibers between cleanings and strengthen your carpet to resist spots and spills. Soil retardants should only be implemented depending on the manufacturer's recommendations and professional carpet cleaning application should be utilized.

Regular vacuuming twice a week  and carpet cleaning every six months would extend the lifetime of your carpets. It's a question of a small investment for maintenance and keeping your home looking clean versus the costly cost of carpet replacement.

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