What Snow and Mud Does To Your Carpets: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Snow and Mud Does To Your Carpets: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Snow and Mud Does To Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

So there is no secrete in Castle Rock we get our share of snow at least five to six months of the year. And with the  snow inevitably the by product is mud that can be tracked into your Castle Rock home by just about anyone who doesn’t take off their shoes when they come in from shoveling snow, and as far as your dogs, they don't exactly wipe off their paws when they come in.

Unlike dry dirt, mud sticks to your carpets even if your carpets are protected by a carpet protector.  Mud is worse than dirt because it can immediately have a negative effect on the dye in the carpet fibers. Vacuuming very well could be the worse thing you can do when its still wet. You'll only spread the mud, and make a big mess of your vacuum cleaner that will only spread the mud even further. You guessed it, as much as it may pain you, allow the mud to dry. Once the mud dries, well it's no longer mud, it's dirt and less likely to spread and make a mess, and easier to extract.

The best way to deal with mud during the winter is to have the carpets professional cleaned at least once in the middle of the winter by professional carpet cleaners so that the mud doesn't build up over time. Also have carpet protector applied after each cleaning so the mud won’t have as much time to build up and cause discoloration.

In Colorado we have a lot of snow storms and our carpets and take a beating during the winter, but your not alone. TLC Carpet Care will be there for you. We'll make sure that your carpets can stay clean and mud free in between storms. 

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