Types Od Carpet TLC Carpet Care Cleans: Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

Types of Carpet TLC Carpet Care Cleans: Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

 Types of Carpet TLC Carpet Care Cleans: Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

The following is a list of carpet types TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co cleans, thou its not the only types of carpets TLC clean. We at TLC tried listed the most common types of carpets that Parker homeowners have that we see in our day to day basis. If you do not see your carpet type on the list chances are we've still cleaned it. We have the carpet cleaning truck mounts and chemicals  to clean any type of carpet cleaning job.

  1. Plush Carpets: Plush carpeting is mostly constructed of nylon and choices are cut and pile, it always has a elegant look with a smooth level surface. Also plush carpets are stain resistant and easily maintained with steam cleaning. We recommend having them professionally cleaned at least once a year, and vacuumed twice a week for maintenance.
  2. Textured Plush Carpeting: Textured plush carpet is much more durable than  plush carpeting due to the difference in how its made and the weave that gives it a longer over all lifespan. TLC's steam cleaning methods are the same as they are for plush carpeting. A good deep annual cleaning with high temperature truck mounted equipment, and daily vacuuming will keep it looking good and get the full life out of it.
  3. Sculpted Carpet: A lot of homeowners in Parker assume that Sculpted carpets are more expensive to clean and wear out quick than other carpets. This simply not always true. Despite the pile or loop design, foot traffic will wear the uneven surface of sculpted carpet evenly. Despite the difference TLC Carpet Care suggest having sculpted carpet cleaned twice a year with a high temperature over 210 degrees with a carpet steamer and vacuumed weekly for maintenance.
  4. Saxony Carpet: While beautiful to look at, and a pleasure to feel. Saxony carpets are a bit more high maintance when it comes to keeping them looking their best. Due to it’s thickness we recommend having it professionally cleaned at least once a year. It’s also important due to it’s texture to do the cleaning with a deep cleaning high temperature carpet cleaning machine. A lot of undesirable bacteria and unseen microscopic dust mites can get deep into the backing of Saxony carpets. It’s also important to vacuum underneath your sofas and chairs when you have Saxony carpeting. This will keep an even pattern on the surface in case you ever want to move your sofas and chairs and have a nice look.
  5. Frieze Carpet: Frieze carpet is great for high traffic areas, or homes with kids and cats and dogs. It’s a very durable carpet that doesn’t traffic patterns or wear patterns very much and easily cleaned and maintained. We recommend regular daily vacuuming followed by professional high temperature cleaning at least once a year to maintain the carpet and keep it fresh.
  6. Berber Carpet: Daily cleaning of Berber carpet should be done by a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a rotating brush. If not, we recommend turning the brush off or raising it so that it lightly touches the surface of the carpet. The reason for this is the rotating brush may snag a at the loops and damage them. Cleaning Berber carpets takes a real pro and we do not recommend that homeowners try cleaning their Berber carpet themselves. When we do them we typically will take longer, and turn down the pressure on our machines so that it’s a more “solvent cleaning” than we would typically use on other carpets. TLC highly suggest daily high quality vacuum cleaner and professional deep cleaning twice a year to keep Berber carpets looking their best.

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