Steam Cleaning Carpets - Parker CO

Steam Cleaning Carpets - Parker CO

Steam Cleaning Carpets - Parker CO  

 TLC Carpet Care in Parker co has been servicing Parker for over 13 years now. TLC carpet Care has the very best technicians and the most experience that will ensure you the homeowner that everything will be done to your satisfaction.

Below is our Methods explained step by step so you will understand exactly how we restore your carpets.

TLC Carpet Care  STEAM CLEANING METHOD is a 8 step process to bring out the best in your carpet. 


Our Steam Cleaning Method includes:  

Step 1. Pre-inspection. 

TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co will do a walk thru and reinspect all areas for preexisting damage and oxidation.

Step 2. Professional advice and evaluation of your carpets.

we Will tell you how to correct damage as well as cleaning.  

Step 3. Pre-vacuum with industrial up-right, hospital grade filtration.

Dry vacuuming will remove more than 60% of dry soil.

Step 4. Careful movement of furniture.

Most furniture will be moved. Beds lounges, Dressing table, chairs, we will move things to protect the carpets and furniture.

Step 5. Pre_ treating and spotting 

some spots and stains extra. This is our detergent, applied hot, it starts working immediately.

We use the correct detergent for your specific fibre. 

Step 6. Powerful steam extraction.

State of the Art Equipment. Powerful equipment delivers higher heat and more vacuum, resulting in cleaner and drier carpets.

Step 7. Deodorising and neutralising. No sticky residue, no re-soiling.

Step 8 We will do a wlk thru to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

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