TLC Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning Serving Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning Serving Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning Serving Castle Rock

 Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Hello and welcome. I am Kyle Dillon, owner and operator of TLC Carpet Care. We are “The company where the OWNER's Joshua, Zachary and Kyle do the work for you.”  We are happy to serve the town of Castle Rock. And we take great pride in offering you something different from other Castle Rock carpet cleaners.

ProChemTruck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Technology.

Our ProChem truck mount cleaning machine uses a very high heat at 220 degrees and vacuum power for cleaning. All my equipment is mounted in the van, so I only bring two hoses and a cleaning wand into your house. Never in loud portable machines in your home.

No bait and Switch.

Our prices includes moving the small items of furniture, such as couches, end tables and chairs, etc. in the main living area. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are not moved because of safety and liability reasons, we do not move entertainment stains, pool tables, china hutches, computers, music equipment like pianos, electronics or other valuable belongings. TLC Carpet Care pricing includes pre-treatments, clean and extraction, acid rinse and grooming. The price quoted to you over the phone or online is the price you pay.

All Natural, Residue Free Cleaning. The carpet cleaning chemicals TLC Carpet Care uses are family and pet friendly and is a non-residue cleaner. This means that your carpet will not attract more dirt and stay cleaner longer.

Owner Owned and Operated

All the work is done by the TLC Carpet Care family. Joshua, Kyle and Zachary has the knowledge and experience to do the best work for their Castle Rock customers. These are just many benefits and reasons why you should choose TLC Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning needs.

If you would like more info on TLC Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning Serving Castle Rock visit us at or call us at

720-314-0178 for your carpet cleaning appointment. Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co. 

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