Cleaning Indian Rugs: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Indian Rugs: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Indian Rugs


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In order to safely and properly clean Indian rugs made of natural fibers, and to preserve the quality of the colors, a high level of experience and the right cleaning products are required. TLC Carpet Care located in Castle Rock Co offers professional rug cleaning specifically for rugs. 

Some thing you must know and why its not a good idea to try to clean an Indian Rug yourself. If you use harsh store bought chemical spotters they can damage both the rug fibers and the the latex, which is why TLC Carpet Care use only enzyme treatments specifically for your rug. We follow a carpet cleaning process to provide the proper Indian rug cleaning. Trying to clean them with the wrong products may cause permanent damage to the fibers. 

Our carpet cleaning technicians are certified and trained to understand exactly how to properly clean Indian rugs so that your rug will be returned to you in clean and undamaged. Cleaning rugs made of natural fibers that have cotton, silk and wool are a very delicate process, as care must be taken to prevent the dyes from bleeding and to preserve the structure of the rug.

Rugs from India are known for their design and their vibrant colors. They are woven with hand-knotted yarn, these rugs require specific carpet cleaning tools, equipment and a very delicate carpet cleaning products to safely clean the fabrics. TLC Carpet Care has the knowledge, experience tp properly clean your Indian Area rugs.
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