Spot Removal For Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Spot Removal For Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Spot Removal for Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



Certain spots on your carpet can be tricky to clean. First thing you must be able to do is identify the spot and it's nature. Is is organic? Soils and mud and how they break down carpet fibers. Are you dealing with proteins like coffee, blood, or tea. Could you be dealing with bacteria from urine or stool? Perhaps you had a flood and your seeing mold spots. The misconception is that any spot can be cleaned by any spot remover and that simply is not the case. An alkaline cleaner will not remove and alkaline spot. You will need an acidity to reverse and alkaline stain and so on.


TLC Carpet Care understands the science of ph and the balance between alkaline and acidity. Understanding carpet spot renal must first start with an understanding of carpet ph science. Our carpet cleaning technicians can remove spots like wine stains, food dye, pet stains, body oil and grease, rust stains shoe polish, candy, gum, candle wax, mold spores and so much more. Call TLC Capet Care and see for yourself why TLC Carpet Care are the carpet spot remover experts.


At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock we make sure that every new employee undergoes training in by IICRC carpet cleaning classes as well as online training classes for our spot removal carpet cleaning services. TLC Carpet Care provides on the job training with certified technicians in the proper techniques for Carpet & Rug Cleaning. Spot removal is a process that requires experience and knowledge by identifying with different spots as well as which carpet cleaning solutions will be required to remove those spots and making sure the do not come back.


If you would like more info on: Spot Removal For Carpet Cleaning visit our website at or call TLC Carpet Care at 720-314-0178 


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