It’s the week of your party and your going over your check list. You’ve got the gifts ordered, the invitations have been sent out, you've got laundry in order and the house is clean but something still doesn't look right.  You step back to look  around the home with once last look and. then you realize WOW, our carpet is nasty and its making our entire house look bad.  How could you not have realized it till now?

You use your carpet every day. Walking in and out, kids are playing, pets running round, food and drinks spills seem to come out of no where. The more it goes unchecked the worse its getting. 

All those high traffic areas, food stains, and soiled brown spots are quite the eye soar for all your guest who will see it for the first time. The problem however is easily fixable. Call a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. They can remove all those ugly spots and stains and kill all the bacteria thats causing your odor problems and get your carpets and thus your home ready for a party and the easy part as we can usually get you in the sam day you call.

At TLC Carpet Care we suggest cleaning your whole house at least once a year, and clean your high traffic areas like family rooms, hallways and stairs twice a year. If your smelling odors from pet urine and dander then you may want to consider cleaning your carpets even more.

When you get your carpets clean by TLC Carpet Care you and your guests will appreciate your clean carpets. No more embarrassing moments. You’re Castle Rock home is once again clean , fresh, and good as new!

For more info on Schedule your carpet cleaning before your party visit us at or call us at 720-314-0178 We'll be glad we could help you. 

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