Professional Rug Steam Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning

Professional Rug Steam Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning

Professional Rug Steam Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has the latest in special Steam Cleaning Technology to steam clean area rugs as well as we do carpets. Steam Rug Cleaning can be done at the connivence of your own home or at our Castle Rock rug cleaning shop. We Steam Clean natural and synthetics, such as polyester, hand woven rugs, braided rugs, wool rugs and more. Professional Rug Steam Cleaning specially created for rugs that have a fiber that requires gentle cleaning and a minimal amount of water as to not cause color bleeding or shrinkage. You are rugs should be cleaned and maintained at least twice a year with professional rug cleaning from a carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. You will get a much better result if you clean with frequency not allowing dirt, soils, and stains to build up. TLC Carpet Care can clean and deliver your area rug to you Monday Thru Friday excluding major holidays. It takes about 3-5 days (in most cases) until delivery. This service not recommended for sisal rugs as they simply cannot be steam cleaned. 

TLC Carpet Care has been certified in all rug cleaning processes. We've been providing professional rug steam cleaning for over 20 years for the town of Castle Rock. We look forward to serving you. 

If you would like more info on Professional Rug Steam Cleaning visit our website at or give us a call at 720-314-0178 

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