Decontaminating Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Decontaminating Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Decontaminating Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Many Castle Rock residents are unaware of the health risk that are caused by urine in carpet. Bacteria will grow rapidly when it has the right temperature, humidity; and ample food. A pet spot in carpeting provides all three, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. How bacteria will spread is what each Castle Rock homeowner needs to know. 

  • In optimal situations, bacteria in a contaminated carpet can double in just a matter of hours, creating a serious health problem f rot your pets, kids and even your guest.
  • In about 16 hours, each bacterial cell will produce over 32 million new bacteria cells.
  • having these bacteria airborne spreading thru your HVAC system can spread and cause illness. Additionally, the bacteria will continue to produce nauseas gasses while they are active.
  • A cat or dog will commonly continue to pee on the the same carpet, feeding the bacteria there daily.

Proper carpet cleaning decontamination of a pet urine must sterilize the entire affected carpet. This includes sanitizing the surface of the carpet and deep into the fibers, and several inches around the spot in the carpet backing and pad and subfloor.

The urine salts are formed by ph reactions which turns the acidic urine into a high ph alkaline. Urine salts form toxic crystals that absorb moisture from the air via humidity to keep them chemically active. The moisture they pull in will keep the bacteria active and releasing off-gassing. Additionally, this moisture creates and environment  releasing ammonia gas. Both processes continue putting unpleasant odors into the air and compromising your families health.

  • These carpets cannot be just steam cleaned. Once the urine salts have formed, they must be re-liquefied first before they can be extracted.
  • There-liquefied urine must be thoroughly rinsed out of the carpets or the salts will multiply and the problem will quickly return.
  • Some carpet cleaning companies  do not treat these salts, so make sure your Castle Rock Carpet cleaning company does.

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