Pet Protein Dander Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet Protein Dander Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

PET protein Dander ODORs: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Do you have a new cat or dog ..or older senior pets? Pet stain accidents are going to happen! Even with a well trained dog, your carpets and rugs are subject to additional unpleasant odors, one in particular that many people don't ever think about, protein dander. Protein dander over time can make a carpet smell funky but not like the obvious urine smell. Those is more like a stinky dirty smell. The problem is it build up over time and you kinda of get use too it without thinking about. Its almost like becoming immune to the odor, however when friends and family visit they certainly notice it. 

At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co we use a multitude of carpet cleaning odor neutralizers to ensure pet dander odors are kept to a minimum and the pet odor is pernamently eliminated. The sooner a pet dander odor is addressed, the better the chances of preventing permanent protein dander odors. 

The sooner the pet odor is treated and carpets are cleaned, the better

Now with dog or cat urine stains, it is extremely important to not allow your pet to continue there podding on the carpets. If you allow multiple layers of pet urine it can cause carpet fibers to have permanent yellowing dye structure change that cannot be reversed. Although TLC Carpet Care cannot guarantee that every pet stain and pet odor can be reversed, we use the most effective carpet cleaning available to professional carpet cleaners to treat pet urine stains and the odors they cause.

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