Pet Dander & Pet Hair Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Pet Dander & Pet Hair Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Pet Dander & Pet Hair Removal 

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock


Pets are such and fun and loving part of our families but not so fun trying to keep dander and pet hair removed from your carpets. Removing pet hair seems like a never ending battle, and everyday choir as vacuuming seems to be and everyday necessity, and for some animals  harder than others depending on the breed. Now the pet dander that is another problem that is tricky and not so easy to remedy. 

Anyone who's ever owned a pet knows that pet hair gets in your carpets and it can get embedded pretty deep into the yarn and if you have a twisted nylon it really can be challenging to remove. There are two things pet owners can do. To state the obvious is vacuuming, however the type of vacuum cleaner can effect the results. Doing your research and find the vacuum cleaner with the most powerful motor and also be that has the more effective brushes can make a huge difference. Yes your talking about more money for the right vacuum cleaner, but when it comes to removing pet hair it no time to go cheap. The other thing you can do is grooming your pet. Brushing your pets hair can help eliminate a lot of the hair that gets into your carpets and also most pets really enjoy being brushed. 
Dander is the one thing most pet owners are not aware of. Your dogs body releases dander on a daily basis and yes your carpets is where most of it goes. The thing about dander is that it is subtle. It doesn't begin to smell over night. It slowly build up over time and as a result you hardly notice it and also your slowly getting use to it that you don't even realize it until a guest comes in your home and makes that awkward face as they smell it. Two things you can do is one, have your pet washed and groomed. This will help dramatically. Also having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year will also help immensely. Carpet cleaning can kill the bacteria in the dander and also a carpet cleaning tech can also use a carpet rake to brush out deeply embedded pet hair. 

TLC Carpet Care has help pet owners in Castle Rock with Pet dander and pet hair removal for over two decades. If you would like more info on Pet Dander & Pet hair Removal visit our website at or call us at 720-314-0178 
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