Oriental Rug Cleaning & Rinsing Experts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Rinsing Experts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Rinsing Experts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care's trained area rug cleaning technicians will work to not only clean and clean your rugs but can bring the patterns and colors back to their original beauty and vibrancy.

We can also add our Dupont Protectant Package for Wool Area Rugs to ensure your rugs are protected against the spills and accidents of everyday usage.

While area rugs are a decretive addition to any room, they receive a fair amount of traffic, cause there usually placed in the  middle of the room and can quickly become soiled. Let TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock bring the brightness and colors of your area rugs back to their new condition. Our carpet cleaning professionals can clean any wool rug and have it looking nearly as good as new. TLC's carpet cleaning solutions don’t leave any soapy residue, so your rugs will stay cleaner for months to come. And, with an application of our Dupont Teflon Protectant, your area rugs will stand up better against the spills and mishaps of everyday usage. Ask about all our pricing for area rig cleaning.

Gentle Rinsing for Fine Textiles

Your oriental and area rugs are not just a rug; they’re also valuable investments, cause wool is very expensive. That’s why we clean them with professional care and attention to detail. Utilizing hot steam water, TLC Carpet Care uses specialized conditioners designed for area rugs. We provide an effective, yet gentle, cleaning process that thoroughly cleans your rug while also protecting it from fringe damage.

Our carpet cleaning technicians will evaluate your rug to determine the carpet cleaning method for safely cleaning it. They’ll share their recommendation with you and provide a free quote.

TLC Carpet Care The Area Rug Experts

TLC Carpet Care ensures your rugs are cleaned only by our trained specialists. Our carpet cleaning technicians have been trained in the qualified by the IICRC, and we only use carpet cleaning solutions to ensure the best cleaning solution for your rugs. They’ll perform an inspection to determine the safest, most effective carpet cleaning method of cleaning your wool rugs and share their recommendations with you.

For more info on: Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts visit our website at tlccarpetcare.net and call us at 720.314.0178.