Is Cleaning Carpets With Soap Bad: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Is Cleaning Carpets With Soap Bad: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Is Cleaning Carpets With Soap Bad: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock residents sometimes ask if we use soap in our cleaning process, which of course I answer that its bad to use soap but instead  use effective enzymes for carpet cleaning. This many times leads to the question of  "how is it that just using enzymes can really clean my carpets?" So I decided to address this carpet cleaning concern.

Carpet Cleaning can be explained in Chemistry: Natural enzymes are measured on what is called a pH scale. The term pH stands for “potential hydrogen” in reference to the hydrogen bonds that can be used in carpet cleaning. But really it is just a means to give an understanding to the level of hydrogen in any carpet cleaning chemical. The more hydrogen in a solution, the less potential for hydrogen bonds there are, and the more acidic it is. If then there is a pH less than 7 than it is considered acidic, whereas above a 7.5 is considered alkaline.  The great thing about enzymes is there relatively low on the PH scale. 

 Most of the soils or substances that make carpets “dirty” are high in ph. This includes soils, mud, ect. As mentioned previously acids and bases neutralize each other, so the best way to remove an acidic substances is to counter act it with a higher ph chemicals. In the case of the carpet in your home it is our alkalinized water. While shampoos are very high on the pH scale they are not great for carpet cleaning, because they leave a soapy residue that will be harder to rinse. Which means spots may come back worse than before. That being said the actual pH level of the enzymes being used to clean carpets is safe and effective. It needs to be high enough to neutralize the acids, yet it can’t be so high that it leaves a residue. At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co we use water that has is pH7. High enough to clean your carpets thoroughly, yet low enough not to cause any damage to the fibers.

Another carpet cleaning process that ensures that your carpets are being  thoroughly cleaned is the acid rinse. We start the cleaning process with pre-treating the carpet and using a hydro force to spray enzymes in to the carpet fibers. This helps to break up the soils from the fibers before we even start the hot water acid rinse. Once we do however the high temperature above 200 degrees of the water along with the extraction effectively removes all soils, and contaminates and oils from the carpet . 

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