Neglecting To Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Neglecting To Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Neglecting To Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


We all tend to procrastinate when it comes to household chores like laundry and cleaning things we don't think about like our carpets and rugs. We tend to put those things off because it is difficult to find the time in our busy schedule. 

However, when it comes to professional carpet cleaning that can be an expensive mistake. Delaying cleaning your carpets can be very expensive if you keep putting it off it could cost you thousands of dollars for premature replacement. Here are some potential problems you will have to deal with when you procrastinate with your carpet cleaning.

Filtration Soiling

This is those dark lines  that you find along side of your base boards are called Filtration Soiling, This is a result of years of neglect and once your begin to notice that damage is done. Most Castle Rock homeowners and especially renters don't vacuum these areas often and as a result these stains appear, and there extremely noticeable with white or wool carpets. 

What causes this is dirt and other airborne pollutants that accumulate on the carpet fibers between the baseboards and the cracks in the floor and walls in areas with a forced air flow over the carpet or open areas under the carpet. It develops over a period of a couple years and is not a result of the quality of carpet selected, but by carpet cleaning neglect. The only way to get rid of these difficult and stubborn areas is to professionally clean you carpets regularly, before they appear.

Traffic and Wear Patterns

Matted down carpets with wear patterns show up in carpets over time and occurs in paths through a room. People tend to not take off their shoes and the drag their shoes when they walk. This creates wear in the common pathways like halls and common living areas and family rooms and also stairs.

Another thing that contributes to wear patterns is soils in your carpet. When we walk, the soils grinds against the sides of the carpet fibers like sandpaper and frays the fibers, and the damage is permanent. The result, at these high use areas, is that the carpet fibers get worn away and create traffic lanes that are now forever in your carpets. Also, because the fibers are frayed, they will absorb dirt, spills so mush more that carpets that have been kept up.


Recurring Stains

Some acidic stains that seem to never go away are pet urine accidents, red wine, food spills or coffee stains can be notoriously difficult to completely clean up after a spill unless you can clean it up as soon as the spill occurs,  Cleaning these stains from carpet, especially stains that have been neglects over time and keep returning to the surface, can be chronic. A  stain that doesn't go away or comes back is called “wicking,” may get removed from the surface with traditional cleaning methods, but not from the carpeting or upholstery padding underneath. Recurring stains are usually not permanent, and can be removed with a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co.  Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co. 

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