The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners In Castle Rock Co

The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners In Castle Rock Co

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners In Castle Rock Co


TLC Carpet Care carpet cleaning services are very important part of maintaining a healthy home. Our Castle Rock customers can certainly see first hand the effects of maintaining  clean carpets and how it affect the over all health of their living environment. They also can speak to our quality of work and dedication to our customers and their carpets.

The condition of your carpets has a direct effect on indoor air quality and health conditions for our customers. Due to the weather index and high pollen count in the summer regular carpet cleaning is an important part to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Our main goal is to help you achieve this.

What's In Your Carpet Affects Your Health

In the past couple of decades Castle Rock has experienced changing weather patterns more than ever before. As a result, the pollen levels of our small town have increased and have made life more difficult for our customers with respiratory-related problems. These pollen levels have also taken a effect on our indoor air quality. These contaminates enter our home just from open doors and open windows from the outside and get trapped deep inside the carpet.

So when you walk on your carpets they get buried deeper in the your carpet, a simple vacuum can make matters worse as they sometimes stir things airborne and they and then they circulate thru your air duct system. These contaminates can be harmful  for children, seniors, and family members  with respiratory conditions, such as asthmatics or people who are immune compromised.

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