Is Carpet Protector Necessary: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Is Carpet Protector Necessary: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Many carpet cleaning companies have technicians that will try sell you Dupont Teflon or Scotchgard and convince you that every room with carpet should be protected from future stains and spills. If not your carpet will just get dirty all over again and even maybe quicker. Some carpet cleaning companies may suggest that protection is simply not necessary. So which is it? At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock we always try to informative as well as honest, so let me give you an honest answer. 

The answer is not the same for everyone. To me there are a lot of factors to consider for one, what's the age and condition of the carpet. If the carpet is old and has damage from wear and oxidation it simply in my opinion may not be worth the investment. If your carpet is relatively new then investing in protection maybe a very wise idea. If you have kids and pets then protecting your carpets would be extremely necessary. However, if you are two empty nesters with no kids or pets and you take off your shoes regularly and professionally clean once a year then you may not need it.

What will a protector do? Simply put it will create a barrier with the carpet fibers that will protect the fibers from spills and accidents from things that may have dye, coffee or other difficult protein stains. This will enable you to clean and blot up a spill before it has a chance to set in. 

We recommend that Dupont Teflon Protectant be applied in the most heavily used areas such as hallways, stairs, foyers and of course the family room. This keeps your carpet looking clean, and staying clean longer.

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