How To Remove Cat Urine From Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How To Remove Cat Urine From Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How to Remove Cat Urine From Your Carpets 

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

If you are a cat owner eventually cat you will have to take care of the unwelcome smell of animal urine deposits in your carpet ad rugs from to time. Wether your cat gets sick or just simple training your kitten, your cat may possibly urinate or spray around the carpet at the most inconvenient places in your home. In an effort to correctly clean your carpets and remove the odor, here are some recommendations from TLC Carpet Care for you...

Step1)  Blot up the Urine ASAP

When you find where the exact place where your cat has urinated, clean it up asap  when you get a chance. However, be carefully not to scrub the urine into the carpet as this will spread the urine and this will likely only make the problem worse, and it could leave you with odor from ammonia gasses indefinitely. Rather, take a paper towel and blot the puddle from the outside in until you get most of the urine up. This is jus a first step and will not care for the problem fully, nevertheless it is actually a great initial start.

Step 2)  Vinegar and Water 

This next step is a proven carpet cleaning method that will go along way to removing the stain. This will provide bit of deep cleaning inside the carpet. All you do is combine vinegar and water, three parts to one. So, an acceptable mixture would include 3 cups of vinegar and one particular cup of water. You can do a reduced portion of you don't think you will need as much. Apply at the location exactly where the cat urinated and get the carpet extremely wet. Be certain to clean the area two inches surrounding the puddle too, simply to be sure which you clean thoroughly. Permit the vinegar and water mixture to sit for a minimum of five minutes to ten minutes. 

Step 3) Apply Baking Soda

Once the vinegar and water mixture has had time to dwell, pour on some baking soda to the surface of the stain. make sure you apply enough to completely cover the stain. Baking soda will help draw out the bacteria and odor in the carpets. Then after it dries vacuum up the baking soda immediately after a few hours.

With following these steps, you will go along way to remove the scent of cat urine. Comply with TLC Carpet Care suggestions above for finest good results on how to remove cat urine from your carpets

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