How Sunlight Can Effect Carpet Dye: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Sunlight Can Effect Carpet Dye: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Sunlight Can Effect Carpet Dye: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Most Castle Rock home owners love our sunlight. Here in Castle Rock Co we get more sun shine days than the state of Florida. As a result home builders here in Colorado design single family homes with big windows so we can even enjoy that sunlight even while we're indoors. Sounds like a win win but, does that come with a cost?  Have you considered what that sunlight can do to your carpets ? Most people don't realize what UV rays can do to a carpet until it's too late. 

You've scheduled your carpet cleaning appointment and upon inspection your carpet cleaning technician has informed you that a 10 foot area in front of your bay window has bleached out your carpet. Your in disbelief cause all the while you've never noticed because your blinds are never closed, and the disappointing  part is that all sun light can bleach out your carpets changing the carpets dye structure. Your windows act like a giant magnifying glass and the light causes damage to the fibers. Even if your carpet was protected by a fabric shield still the UV rays are simply too powerful.

 Can carpet cleaning reverse the damage? Unfortunately NO, once the dye has been altered it's gone. No carpet cleaning solution can reverse the damage. 

There is good news. What can you do? PREVENTION!!!  That's right understanding what the cause and effect is can help you develope strategies. For one thing curtains and or blinds where you can manage the sunlight and during what time of days the sun is shinning thru the most. Using area rugs. A rug is easier and cheaper to replace than your carpet. The area rug can be rotated and placed in from of furniture which will prevent sun fading.

Your carpets are one of the most expensive replacement items in your home, so prevention and annual carpet cleaning will go a long way to keeping your carpets clean and free of sun dammaging effects.

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