How Not To Clean A Carpet: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Not To Clean A Carpet: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Not To Clean A Carpet 

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Accidents and spills tend to happen with kids and pets, such as in the middle when your asleep or while your at work. Since the stain has a probably already dried you may decide to wait clean it up later, this is a crucial mistake. 

Unfortunately, the longer certain stains sits, the more likely it will oxidize. 

One common problem ammonia gasses from urine after an accident. Leaving urine in your carpet means you’re giving it more time to soak into the carpet fibers, the more the bacteria spreads. 

TLC Carpet Care recommends blotting urine with towels to get as much as you can. Even better, if you have a commercial vac to suck the urine from the carpet. 

To get rid of the odors, you’ll have to use an deodorizer, which breaks down urine properties. 

Many Castle Rock homeowners make the mistake of scrubbing the carpet which causes the urine to go deeper an you also are fraying the carpet fibers.

Of all the things you can try scrubbing is one of the worst thing you can do to a carpet. 

When dealing with urine stains, gently blot the carpet with a towel to soak it up. When stool is in our carpets gently scrape the material with a butter knife to remove it. 

The problem with many store bought carpet cleaning products is that they only mask the bacteria for a short period. When the odor comes back, your pet choose that same spot again. 

If the stain has been sitting for a while, or maybe you’re dealing with depots you cant even see, it’s time to call TLC Carpet Care. 

Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when carpet cleaning pet stains. It will make cleaning up those unexpected messes so much easier. 

Of course, the most efficient way to clean carpets is to have it professionally cleaned. TLC Carpet Care is a family-owned carpet cleaning company here in the town of Castle Rock. Call us at 720-314-0178 to get an estimate on carpet cleaning and pet stain removal today. 


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