What Happens When Carpets Get Dirty? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Happens When Carpets Get Dirty? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Happens When Carpets Get Dirty?Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

When you hire TLC Carpet Care for carpet cleaning services in the town of Castle Rock we will take your carpets to a new level of clean. Even if your carpets don't look dirty do you know what happens when carpets get dirty? Can you see it?   You’d be shocked how much soil, dirt, and dust could be deep in the fibers. Did you know when you allow unseen dirt in your carpet stay there that it slowly grinds away at the fibers slowly wearing them down and ruining them? 


Because the dry climate in Castle Rock person sheds skin cells every day. And those dead skin cells circulate every where from your furniture, air ducts and ultimately your carpets. Studies have shown that over time, your carpets collect pounds of dirt, skin cells, bacteria, pet hair, human hair, and multiple contaminates. It cant hide them after awhile like a filter they get clogged and over burdened. 

How can you maintain this over load of carpet debris? Well obviously weekly vacuuming will help to clean the surface of your carpets, and even more frequently is better if you have pets and kids but it won’t do anything about whats hidden in the latex backing of the carpet. If you have a thick Nylon or Wool carpet it may prove very difficult for most home vacuum cleaners  to to do a through job no matter how powerful they are. 

 Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Help ? 

If your concerned about what's in your carpets for your families sake and you should be, don't worry because TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has a solution for you. Our professional cleaning techs have over 20 years of experience and the necessary carpet cleaning products, and carpet cleaning equipment that is required to remove dust, bacteria, and pollen from what's trapped deep in your carpets. As a result, you and your family and guest will experience the following benefits:

  • Purified air
  • Eliminate allergians
  • Eliminate bacteria
  • Reduced risk of premature wear 
  • Softer Carpets
  • Cleaner Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning services can also eliminate pest infestations. A truck-mount steam cleaning with temperatures over 220 degrees will kill not just kill bacteria but critters like dust mites, bugs, and the occasional flea that your dog brings in the house. 

Carpet cleaning is just not about cleaning dirt from your carpets. There is much more than the average consumer is just not aware of. It's really about how healthy your carpets are, which has a direct effect on your families health including the family pet. when you think of cleaning carpets, think about creating a healthy environment for your Castle Rock Family. 

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