After you get your carpet professionally cleaned, keeping it clean becomes necessary to keep it spot and bacteria free. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock offers tips to keep your carpet clean after your annual carpet cleaning.

Make Sure It's Completely Dry

Never walk on freshly cleaned carpets. Allow carpets at  least 6-8 hours to dry completely before you walk on it.  Do not replace any moved furniture or area rugs. Do not run up your heat either. 

Take Shoes Off At The Door

Walking barefoot across your professionally cleaned carpet can be just as bad as wearing shoes. The reason is that the body oil in your feet attracts dirt and that transfer can leave more dirt combined with body oil in your carpets. This oily residue possibly leaves your carpet with a high ph factor that can get your carpets more soiled as time goes on. Instead wearing shoes or walking barefoot,  try wearing white socks.

Clean Beverage and Food Spills Immediately

Always clean drink and food spills immediately. As most food and drinks contain some form of dye that could stain your carpets. Some stains like coffee can cause your carpet too brown out. 

Blot Liquids From The Outside In

Blotting soaks up the spill, but make sure you do it from the outside in as not to spread it. This is really important when it comes to dye, coffee or bacteria from urine or stool. Minimizing the spread of a stain will ultimately make it easier to completely remove. 

Vacuum Even When It's Clean, HUH? 

Do you vacuum only when your carpet has debris and looks dirty? Vacuuming your carpet at east twice a week after an annual carpet cleaning whether the carpet looks dirty or nor will removes dirt and particles that are hiding in the fibers. Vacuuming regularly also helps remove all contaminates and bacteria. Also be sure to empty your vacuums filter on a weekly basis. Bacteria nit only spreads in your carpets but your vacuum cleaner as well can be contaminated. 

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