Don't Delay Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Don't Delay Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


 Carpet cleaning Castle Rock Co



Every day your carpets and rugs are constantly in contact with a lot of soil that gets tracked in from your shoes. Your carpets also take a lot of abuse from rooms where there's food with grease, oils, food and beverage spills and so on. Your carpets also collect a lot of pet hair if you have cats and or dogs. If your carpets are not cleaned properly and frequently these things can gradually build up to a point where your carpets may not clean well. Also may pet hair can cause a lot of odors thru pet dander and also pet accident like urine and stool or even blood. 

Why is it worse if you delay carpet cleaning? Well let's talk about the most harmful thing, dirt and soils. Dirt is abrasive it is like a knife slowly cutting away at your carpet fibers and thus slowly shredding your carpets causing a thinning appearance. Ever noticed a lot of lint in your vacuum, well that's not lint, it's shredded carpet fibers that use to be part of your carpets.  Soils have nitrogen. Allowing soils just to dwell in your carpet can cause oxidation. Over time soils will bond to the yarn and the nitrogen will slowly discolor your carpets. This is actually the most common way carpets get stained. As a result when you get your carpets cleaned, you may see your carpets and think, wow I still see dirt. No, what your actually looking at is the result of your carpets fibers being discolored and stained by soils. 

So what should you do? Well of course vacuuming will help maintain your carpets, and if you have kids and or pets you'll want to vacuum more frequently. Also clean at least once a year or twice a years if you have kids and pets. Most importantly don't wait for your carpets to look dirty before cleaning. There dirtier than they may look. By the time you wait till they look dirty damage is already done. 

Don't wait, call and get your carpets cleaned TODAY!  TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock is available to take your call. Call us at 720-314-0178 now for a carpet cleaning appointment. 

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