Cleaning Pet Stains & Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Cleaning Pet Stains & Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Cleaning Pet Stains & Odors: Carpet cleaning Castle Rock 

TLC Carpet Care treats most pet odors with Lab Tested Enzyme Treatments. The process works good for urine stains that have been treated right away, if your pet stains are old removing may prove challenging as the stains maybe oxidized and permanently discolored.  A TLC Carpet Care technician will pretreat and then steam clean the rooms that have pet odor issues. Afterward, the technician will apply a Urine Stain Remover that will bleach out the stain.  The Enzyme Treatment will have an immediate digesting the bacteria but Urine Stain Remover is time released and will continue to work over the next 24 hours. Bio-enzymes after the treatment will bond to urine molecules, and through a digestive process, will slowly kill of the bacteria and you will experience a off gassing process thou unpleasant but an indication that the bacteria is dying. Sometimes a second application of enzymes and or Urine Stain Remover maybe necessary. Worst case scenarios may calla for carpet and pad replacement. This will be to the recommendation of the carpet tech and the discretion of the homeowner pending final results. 

Make sure you TLC Carpet Care as soon as your pet has an accident to make an appointment for carpet cleaning.  This ensures the urine salts don't have time to scar and discolor the carpets and so the bacteria doesn't soak into the your padding or sub-floor. Feel free to call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock at 720-314-0178 for more information on our pet odor removal services or visit us at for info on Cleaning Pet Stains & Odors

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