Castle Rock Co Residents Can Depend On TLC Carpet Care For Those Accidents: Carpet Cleaning Castle R

Castle Rock Co Residents Can Depend On TLC Carpet Care For Those Accidents: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock Co Residents Can Depend  on TLC Carpet Care for those Accidents: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

As long as you have kids and pets accidents will happen, no matter how careful they are.  Fortunately, TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has carpet cleaning technicians specifically trained to remove ugly spills and stains. TLC Carpet Care have an proven success rate at removing most stains and spills.

On the day we clean for you, our carpet cleaning technicians will carefully inspect your carpets, recommend the best carpet cleaning chemicals  and methods required to treat the stain and give you a thorough evaluation of the situation. Even though our Castle Rock clients swear we perform miracles, some carpet stains may be permanent or require several enzyme treatments to remove all bacteria. With TLC Carpet Care you can trust that if the stain can come out - we have the experience  to get it out.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal - Castle Rock Co

We love our furry family members but sharing your home with them is not without its carpet cleaning maintenance. If your cats or dogs are sick or if they urinate at an inopportune time, your beautiful carpets can very quickly release smelly odors and ugly yellow stains.

TLC Carpet Care can help you with pet stain and odor removal, so that your carpets and rugs are looking great and smelling fresh again. The skilled technicians at TLC Carpet Care use a variety of carpet cleaning process and methods that can eliminate urine and ammonia odors by going straight to the backing of the carpets whether they've been deposited in carpet or rugs. Odors should be eliminated when they first happen; the longer the source of an odor remains on a surface, the deeper it will penetrate, and the harder it will be to remove.   So don't wait to get your carpets cleaned. TLC Carpet Care has a high success rate depending primarily on how long the urine has been in the carpet or rugs.

TLC Carpet Care offers all of these great services: High Heat Extraction, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Wool Area Rug Cleaning,  Pet Stains and Bacteria, Odor Control, Stairs Cleaning, Disinfectants, Carpet Dupont Protectors, Environmentally Friendly Enzyme Cleaning Process and upholstery Cleaning.

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