Carpet Cleaning Season In Castle Rock Co

        Carpet Cleaning Season In Castle Rock Co




We are Castle Rock's leading carpet cleaning service provider, so if it's carpet cleaning time look no further than TLC Carpet Care. TLC Carpet Care truck-mount hot water cleaning, also known as “steam cleaning”, and is recommended by the IICRC and carpet manufacturers like Shaw Industries. All Polyester and Nylon carpet  requires professional steam cleaning to maintain the “Manufacture Warranty”.

Our professional carpet cleaning system also uses steam at 220 degrees. This ensures your carpet can kit all contaminates and will be dry to be used by everyone in a couple of hours.  We are also know as the carpet cleaning company that can correct carpet cleaning mistakes made by other cleaners and homeowners. As a rule of thumb doing nothing when it comes to carpet cleaning is better than doing the wrong thing. 

It is known that carpet cleaning helps people with allergy symptoms. Most research conducted over the past decades have shown that Castle Rock homes that are annually cleaned during the summer, reduces airborne particles. Particles such as pollen, dust and pet dander circulate thru your windows and open screen doors and fall in the carpet fibers which eventually recirculates into the air. Professional carpet cleaning is the key to cleaner air and a healthy carpet. Professional steam cleaning by TLC Carpet Care of your carpet helps to ensure a healthier environment for your Castle Rock home and your family.

Dirty carpets and allergies bothering you? Maybe it's Carpet Cleaning Time. 

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