Carpet Cleaning Secrets To Keep Your Carpets Clean: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Carpet Cleaning Secrets To Keep Your Carpets Clean: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Carpet Cleaning Secrets to Keep Your Carpets Clean Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Ok, so lets mention the obvious. We at TLC Carpet Care assume you know that vacuuming is an important part on how to keep your carpets looking clean. However how frequently you clean is just as important. Can you over clean your carpets? The simple answer is no. Me as the owner of TLC Carpet Care I can tell you that I vacuum everyday. Now I have a cat an so I don't like seeing pet hair so this is one reason, another is everyday I see dust build up on my coffee table, so I can only imagine how much dust gets accumulated  in my carpets. If you don't have any pets maybe you can vacuum every other day. 

Use mats at the entry and the front and the back of the house and also the garage door where you come in. Talking off shoes will make a huge impact on how long your carpets will stay clean and also prevent fiber damage as shoes are hard on carpets.  

Accident such was kids spilling things, or even is someone spills their coffee. So you always need a plan when these spills occur.  What you want to use in this occasion is towels and have them put in a common place where everyone knows where they are. You also need to have a carpet cleaning spotter with directions available. This is where TLC Carpet Care can be helpful as we have complementary bottles of TLC Carpet Care's Avenge Home Spotter. You can get a free bottle of this every time you clean.  

At some point you may see your carpets getting loose from the edges, or maybe you have a Nylon loop carpet, where some of the loops are are coming apart. Are your carpets on the stairs loose? If this is the case you need to get this repaired immediately as this could easily cause someone to slip and fall causing injury. When you see carpet damage, don't delay call the carpet repair experts at TLC Carpet Care and have this repaired as soon as possible. Not seeing to this sooner may cause the damage to get worse. 

Have you had a professional carpet cleaning yet? Vacuuming and proper spot cleaning are an important part of keeping your carpets clean, but you still need at the very least to be professionally cleaning at least once a year and more frequently if you have family pets.

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