Carpet Cleaning Language To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Language To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


 Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co  




 Carpet Cleaning Things to Know

Carpet cleaning industry has its own language you should be familiar with. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock shares some words you might encounter as you talk with your carpet cleaning technician.

  1. Carpet Browning – The effect created when stains reappear because of soap or high ph levels in the carpet. it's a dark stain just on the carpets surface.
  2. Builders In The Backing – Compounds added to cleaning chemicals to balance ph level and boost cleaning effectiveness.
  3. Carpet Clouding – This is when carpet fibers are wetted and residue from previous carpet cleaning products rises  creating a cloudy look. .
  4. Digesting – An enzyme-based cleaner that breaks down dirts and soils and bacteria making them easier to clean.
  5. Fiber Rinse – This is used to flush out chemicals and contaminates in the carpet. 
  6. Carpet Grooming – carpet cleaning techs use this term to describe the process of using a post-treatment and working it into the carpet fibers with a grooming rake. Others use it to refer to the final step where a brush or rake is used to distribute bio-treatments and remove cleaning marks, creating a plush and even appearance.
  7. Matting  – Areas that have a crushed appearance because carpet fibers have been flattened and entangled by constant foot traffic or sustained heavy weights.
  8. Fiber Nap – The direction in which carpet fibers are laying down creates nap, which causes light to reflect in many directions pending the type of yarn when the carpet is seen from different angles. Carpet is laid with the nap running the same direction for an even, consistent appearance, however plush carpet can have a pooling effect in this regard. 
  9. Oxidizing  – This class of cleaning product reacts with oxygen and is used to remove stains such as coffee, urine or those made by dark furniture. Oxidizers are effective on a variety of stains and most carpet fibers, but they can damage wool fibers and cause yellowing over time.
  10. PIG – This refers to carpet cleaning chemical used  to remove paint, Ink and grease (PIG).
  11. Oxygenation-. This is when =nitrogen in the soil has permanently stained the carpets and compromised the dye structure. 
  12. Stripping Carpets– This insider term describes cleaning chemicals that reduce the levels from spots and stains, making them easier to clean and minimizing their appearance. This is a word not use by many of the carpet cleaning techs.
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