Carpet Cleaning Company In Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Company In Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

CARPET CLEANING Company in Castle Rock Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Carpet Cleaning Company Castle Rock Co

Carpet cleaning isn't just using a carpet stain removal cleaner; you need to be educated on proper knowledge of the carpet fabrics and brand type. At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock we have 20 years of experience in carpet and upholstery and all carpet and upholstery fabric, including the cotton. 

Due to our advanced certification and training, the cleaning technicians at TLC Carpet Care are often called upon to correct soiling conditions that other carpet cleaning companies may cause. Using the state of the art steam cleaning procedure of hot water extraction with truck-mount technology we are able to leave your carpets clean and feeling soft and looking vibrant.

Steam Cleaning Benefits:

  • Removes soils, stains and other ground-in dirt vacuuming can't remove
  • It is recommended you steam clean your carpets a minimum of every 6 to 12 months
  • Hot water extraction  methods are referred to as “steam carpet cleaning

Pet Stain & Odor & Removal 

As pet owners, we understand that you love your furry friends but as homeowners you know what can happen to the appearance of your carpets when the furry ones have an accidents.  Even isolated pee accidents, urinating on the rug depositing poop on the carpet, can result in more issues than a simple stain, you now are dealing with bacteria gasses. Such pet odors and gasses can be followed by those unsightly stains if not cleaned in a timely manner.

At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock we implement a variety of techniques and treatments for pet stain and pet odor remediation. Our carpet cleaning techs are not only experienced but also certified in this area, providing our Castle Rock customers with a better chance of permanently removing pet stains and odors Through the use of specialized Bio- enzyme products we are able to identify, clean, neutralize and deodorize urine and stool, and dog dander leaving your carpets clean and bacteria free. 

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