Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Some Suggestions To Keep Your Carpets Clean: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Some Suggestions To Keep Your Carpets Clean: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co




Theres a reality, no one likes dirty carpets, with spots and stains everywhere and no matter how hard we might try those spots will always seem to show up. However there are a few small things that we can do to help reduce the amount of spots that seem to show up and all the dirt that we track into our Castle Rock homes and onto our carpets.
Most homeowners do not realize just how important it is to vacuum their carpets once a week or twice if you have pets. This should be done more frequently than most people normally do. For your vacuuming effort to be successful you must be using a quality commercial vacuum cleaner. Please remember to empty or change your vacuum’s dust bag every time you begin to vacuum, for the extraction to be optimally effective.
When having your carpets professionally cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company always have your carpet’s protector reapplied with a Dupont Teflon This stain resistant treatment on your carpet is a surface treatment last about two years and will break down over time. This reapplication of your carpets protector every two years will strengthen it’s ability to resist spills and stains as well as increasing it’s ability to resist spills and spots. Please remember to have your carpets professionally cleaned annually to keep up with manufactures warranty.

A couple last suggestions that are very important: always take shoes off at the door as this will reduce the amount of dirt being tracked in your home. Also use place matts in all door entry ways. Lastly try not eating in rooms with carpets like the family room. Also try having your dog washed or groomed more frequently as your pet will be a major player in tracking in soil and mud and when it snows or rains try wiping off his paws before letting them on the carpets. 

Between annual carpet cleaning try also spot cleaning with TLC Carpet Care's spot remover to help in-between your annual carpet cleaning. Try to avoid using store bought carpet cleaning products as most of them will do more harm than good. 
If you follow TLC Carpet Care's suggestions your carpets will stay looking clean longer all year long and will they last longer as well! I am sure that the idea of your carpets lasting a couple of decades seems like a great idea. The reality is how clean your carpets stay is entirely up to you!!

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