Carpet Cleaning Bait & Switch Scams: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Bait & Switch Scams: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


If you’re religious about keeping carpets clean and spot-free, your know what happens when you don't clean your carpets. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning company  bait and switch scams are used to high-pressure sales tactics and a lack of consumer awareness of this unethical practice. If you’re looking to hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock, watch out for these carpet cleaning bait & switch scams.

The to good to be true price scam

You’ll see this one from listed on a carpet cleaning coupon that come in your mail claiming to offer the lowest price. They might tell you about competitors high prices or show you what other carpet cleaning companies charge. In reality, the person at your door is getting paid for the number on commission and if you agree to the price, the salesperson leaves and you still get the same level of service. Once inside your Castle Rock home, the price starts to become double because you have dirtier carpet, your rooms are much bigger than normal and there are certain types of stains in your carpet. Regardless of the price you expected, it suddenly spirals out of control, and you find yourself paying  more for the same services. The answer to this bait & switch kick them out of your house immediately,  especially if he or she tells you it’s a limited time offer. Always call the company on your time and your own terms.

The best carpet cleaning process

There are several common methods for carpet cleaning. The most commonly used is steam cleaning, which actually uses hot water and a natural enzymes. Steam and chemicals are sprayed in your carpets fibers using a Hydroforce, and dirty water is extracted out thru the hose. Dry cleaning, meanwhile, uses a very small amount of water and soap to scrub stains out of your carpet fibers.

Some companies will try to tell you they use “best” method available. The problem? There’s no such thing; what works best for your carpet depends on who's cleaning your carpets. Of course, this “best” cleaning method comes with a huge price tag, and won’t clean your carpet any better than either method mentioned above. To spot this scam, call the manufacture of your carpet what his or carpet cleaning method is best for your carpets. If a carpet cleaning tech can’t explain the method then hire a different company.

The quick cleaning scam

Of all the carpet cleaning scams this one can happen with no intention and even ethical carpet cleaning companies do this, and sometimes they don't know their doing it. It all starts innocently enough a uniformed carpet cleaning tech comes to your door. You leave your home while they work and the next day when the carpet is dry only to find that your stains are still there, and the carpets look worse. What happened?

There are two possibilities. First, your carpet cleaner may have bad carpet cleaning equipment, which didn’t push enough water in or suck enough out. It’s also possible the carpet tech made no real effort to clean your carpets, instead the carpet cleaning tech hurried and moved on to the next job. To avoid this scam, do your homework, ask neighbors, check Google reviews of local carpet cleaning companies  and ask your carpet cleaning company for references. Call the numbers provided, and ask for a reference.

What to expect from a professional carpet cleaning company

When hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, make sure to get a rate per room or per square foot, and make sure you get it in writing, Ask if there’s an extra charge for pretreating or moving furniture. Some carpet cleaning companies won't more furniture and will clean only what they can get to. If licensing is required in your state, confirm the company is licensed and insured before you make a hiring decision.

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